I Am More Than My Hair

The First Day of my Third Time in Peru

The first thing I must clarify is that this assignment is about my third time to Peru. It was also the most humbling, eye-opening and favourite time. My first was … Continue reading

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100 years

It’s 100 years since World War One began. This feature looks at work being undertaken by two of the University of Leicester’s very own researchers. Sally Horrocks from the School of … Continue reading

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Health and beauty rituals that make you say ‘WTF?!’

Penny Brown, an Australian model with a fascination for Jessica Rabbit, trained her body to contort in extremes by only taking off her corset when she showered. Whilst Brown’s waist … Continue reading

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The pleasure in being

According to a study conducted by Virginia and Harvard Universities, published in ‘Science’ magazine, people would rather entertain themselves with electric shocks than spend 15 minutes alone with their thoughts. … Continue reading

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Is shopping anti-feminist?

Turn on the TV and you find yourself drowning in gender-targeted advertising. Our minds are slowly indoctrinated with the idea that we need to buy certain products to improve us … Continue reading

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In defence of tattoos

Tattoos are for the people who see deeper than the epidermis, for the romantics, for the people who ponder over the same thoughts continuously. Tattoos are for people who need … Continue reading

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Life lessons from kids

Looks don’t matter This video went viral after everyone applauded how the kids did not have any reservations when hugging another black pupil. They don’t see the colour of someone’s … Continue reading

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